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Internship, AI Drug Discovery


You will contribute by:

1. Solve key sub-problems related to the new drug development process based on machine learning methods, such as biological/pharmaceutical small molecule generation, virtual screening, etc.;

2. Read relevant cutting-edge scientific and technological papers, reproduce the methods in the papers, and try to improve and innovate to realize the development of algorithm prototypes;

3. Integrate existing algorithm prototypes into the system to complete the development of related system modules;


For this position you’ll need the following education, experience and skills:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, informatics, physics, biomedical engineering and other related majors;

2. Solid basic computer knowledge, proficient in common data structures and algorithms;

3. Have strong coding ability and experience in data competition is preferred;

4. Proficient in using python and familiar with Linux environment;

5. Familiar with the basic theory of machine learning and deep learning, familiar with commonly used time series models and graph network models, including but not limited to RNN/LSTM, GCN, etc., familiar with Transformer, GPT, BERT, etc.;

6. Proficiency in at least one deep learning framework: TensorFlow/Keras/pytorch;

7. Cheerful personality, sense of responsibility, and teamwork spirit;