About Us

MindRank is a clinical stage AI-powered drug discovery company.

Our Mission

To transform drug discovery and development by continuously inventing and integrating innovations across machine learning, biology and chemistry. Our ultimate goal is to find better drugs, treat more diseases, and help more patients.

Focusing on Hard-to-Drug Molecular Targets

In addition to speeding up and reducing costs of drug discovery, we aim to discover innovative therapies and increase the overall drug R&D successful rate.

Our Journey

  • 2021

    Our former AI solution was selected for funding (multi-million EURO) by the 2020 "Europe Innovative Medicines Initiative" to combat coronavirus
  • Mar

    Our proprietary AI solution was nominated by Deep Pharma Intelligence as one of the 11 "Top AI Breakthroughs in Biopharma from 2018 to 2020"
  • May

    Raised $7M Seed Funding from Sherpa Healthcare Partners
  • Jun

    The AI team won 1st place in the "Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Contest" hosted in Hangzhou, China
  • Jul

    Delivered an allosteric inhibitor PCC with Best-in-Class potential to a public traded biotech company
  • Aug

    Partnership with Antengene (6996.HK) on AI-enabled Drug Discovery
  • Oct

    Partnership with Medicilon (688202.SH) on AI-enabled Drug Discovery
  • Dec

    Tens of millions US dollar Series A Funding
  • 2022

  • Jan

    • AI drug discovery paper published in Nature Biomedical Engineering
    • Partnership with Chemexpress (688131.SH) strengthened in AI-enabled Synthetic Accessibility
    • Mindrank's AI-designed proprietary small molecule drug began IND-enabling studies, eight months after program initiation
  • Jul

    Successfully delivered 4 drug discovery projects
  • Dec

    Won the 4th China Health Innovation Platform Award
  • Dec

    US IND Approval for Mindrank's AI-designed proprietary small molecule GLP-1 RA MDR-001
  • 2023

  • Jan

    Awarded the 2022 Venture50 award by Zero2IPO Group and Pedaily
  • Apr

    China CDE Approval for Mindrank's AI-designed proprietary small molecule GLP-1 RA MDR-001
  • Jun

    Completed the first healthy volunteer dosed in the Phase I study of MDR-001
  • Jul

    Secured $23M in Series A+ Funding
  • Aug

    • Pan-European collaborative project secured funding from the Dynamic Resilience program, launched by Wellcome Leap and Temasek Trust
    • Recognized as one of the "100 to Watch" in Forbes Asia's 2023 list
  • Sep

    Completed the dosing of first cohort in Phase II study of MDR-001
  • Nov

    • Started conducting IND-enabling studies for our “first-in-class” preclinical candidate MRANK-106
    • Initiated the IND-enabling studies for our preclinical candidate MRANK-108, which has the potential to become the best-in-class candidate
  • 2024

  • Jan

    Partnership with Henlius (2696.HK) on AI-enabled ADCs and anti-aging therapy platform
  • Apr

    Partnership with BioMetas on AI-enabled Drug Discovery
  • May

    Partnership with Hisun (600267.SH) on AI-empowered Drug Discovery

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Imperial College of London
Duke University
Peking University
Zhejiang University
Westlake University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Tongji University