MindRank Founder Zhangming Niu Named in 2023 Forbes China Outstanding Foreign Talent Selection Honoree List


On January 18th, the "2023 Forbes China Outstanding Foreign Talent Selection" award ceremony was held in Hangzhou. The honoree list for this selection has been officially released, with MindRank Founder Zhangming Niu selected as one of the honorees.

The selection took three months to complete, with a total of more than 100 applications received. The selection factors included Innovation, Growth, Team, Internationalization, Influence, and Social Responsibility of the candidate. Based on the above factors, the Forbes China research team and entrepreneurial experts jointly selected 10 honorees.


The original news link: 跨界创新 共创未来:“2023福布斯中国杰出外籍创业者评选”颁奖典礼在杭州拱墅区举行