MindRank Achieves Milestone in Merck China Knowledge Graph Project, Advancing New Drug R&D with Enhanced Intelligence Insights from AI Large Models


On February 6, 2024, MindRank, a company specialised in using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive the research and development of new drugs, announced that it had completed the key phased delivery of the China knowledge graph cooperation project with Merck.

This project is based on MindRank’s PharmKG™️ platform, which utilises a biomedical knowledge graph. It is complemented by our self-developed Medical Insight AI large model technology and aims to enhance the efficiency of drug discovery research and development insights.

The biomedical knowledge graph constructed in this project encompasses various data types crucial to pharmaceutical research and development. These include diseases, drugs, targets, clinical trials, literature, patents, and more. Leveraging the Medical InsightAI large model technology, the project has meticulously screened, matched, reviewed, and confirmed hundreds of millions of entities and relationships within the knowledge graph. By combining vast amounts of reliable and up-to-date R&D information, it furnishes enterprises with scientifically sound and efficient tools to aid decision-making in pharmaceutical R&D.