MindRank begins IND-enabling studies of its first AI-designed drug, eight months after program initiation


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MindRank Begins IND-enabling Studies of its first AI-designed Drug, 8 Months After Program Initiation (

MindRank AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven biotech company, today announced that the company has nominated a preclinical candidate (PCC) for a class B GPCR drug target within 8 Months of Program Initiation. Historically, the development of small-molecule agonists of class B GPCRs has been proven particularly challenging.

Empowered by Mindrank’s proprietary AI drug discovery platform, Molecule Pro, fewer than 100 proprietary compounds were synthesized and tested, and some of them have undergone extensive characterization both in vitro and in vivo. MindRank’s team has identified several drug candidates with potential for best-in-class characteristics for multiple chronic disease indications with large unmet medical needs. The drug candidates have excellent functional potency and selectivity, favorable ADME properties and oral bioavailability, desirable pharmacokinetics, and safety profiles. They also showed robust preclinical efficacy and good tolerability in several disease-relevant animal models.

This is the second drug candidate that has initiated investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies since the company’s inception within less than one year. MindRank has successfully delivered an allosteric inhibitor PCC with best-in-class potential within a few months since the program was initiated as a collaboration with a publicly-traded biotech company, which started IND-enabling studies in September 2021.

“Our platform has greatly improved the efficiency of drug discovery. We strive to push the boundaries of AI for drug discovery by continuous innovations,” commented Zhangming Niu, Founder, and CEO of MindRank.

The Mindrank team includes senior medicinal chemists, molecular biologists, and AI drug research and development experts. The team members have successfully discovered 16 targets and led multiple drug pipelines into clinical trials, some of which have been listed. In 2021, MindRank has completed an Angle round of 45 million Yuan and Series A round financing of tens of millions of US dollars.